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The next "2D" micromouse competition takes place at Manchester Metropolitan University on June 28th.

You can expect a few Cock Lane Academy mice there. There are three line following classes plus a wall-follower class. There are no rule changes this year. The rules are here.

As well as our DASH FREE kit for line followers, we have also published information on wall-followers here.

MMU's website is here. 

The most recent "3D" micromouse competition took place at Royal Holloway College on June 2nd.

Full information is on their website here.

This year's competition takes place at Royal Holloway on Saturday 31st May.

Why not make a mouse and come along? The new wall-follower class is (comparatively) easy. You could run your mouse in the wall-follower class to try out the dynamics of your mouse and the sensor system without having to have a maze-solving algorithm. The biggest advantage is that a wall-follower doesn't have to know where it is in the maze.

Some Micromouse websites that I like.

I apologise to anyone I have left out. Please email me with your URL if you have a relevant site.

Ken Warwick

Loughborough University. Have a look at the downloads.

Peter Harrison

Rafe and Tristan's BERT.

Royal Holloway College.

Martin Smith (lots of robot stuff and links)

UEL. These are the details of Maisie.

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