PIP fashion show

This is an idea that we can supply as a set of teachers notes. If you want to download it and print out the resources yourself follow this link.

PIP covers 

We can supply a couple of different covers to dress PIP up. The lorry cover is a set of A3 card sheets that can make PIP into a lorry, a police car or delivery van. There are a few ideas for using PIP in these characters. This is only available by post from ourselves.

Designs for a set of bus and lorry covers.

We also now have a blank cover that fits on a single A3 sheet. You can download this from us and print it out for yourself.

blank cover

The size that it needs to be when printed out is marked on the sheet. One technique would be to print it out on A4 paper and then blow it up on a photocopier. You could consider downloading this file and changing the format to whatever your favourite graphics package is. You could then let the children colour it in or add clipart to customise it.

You can email queries to us at:- sales@swallow.co.uk

Date Last Modified: 24/6/01