PIP simulator license agreement









The PIP simulator is supplied for use under a license. Except as agreed, you must not use, copy, distribute, decompile or in any way infringe Swallow Systems' copyright.

A copy of the software is defined as any copy that uses the same heading and security code.

Once it has been paid for, you may use a copy of this software on any single computer. You may not have two copies in use at the same time under any circumstances.

If you want to use several copies you must buy the separate headings and security codes that go with them.

Swallow Systems make no claims of suitability for any purpose for this software. We accept no liability for any damage caused by any use of this software whatsoever.

If you want to download this software click the appropriate link.

Yes, I agree to the above conditions

No, I don't accept the license agreement

 You can email queries to us at:- sales@swallow.co.uk

Date Last Modified: 14/9/01