Formula 1 (Rat Race)

The aim of this class is for the Rat to travel as fast as possible over a straight course rather like that used for full size drag racing, then brake to a standstill before reaching the end wall. Two Rats will race against each other in a knockout competition where the fastest rat in the final will be classed as the winner. The timed run begins when the starting light changes from red to green and finishes when the Rat crosses the finishing line. Both Rats will be timed independently.


Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd (fastest losing semi-finalist) places. Ratracers are eligible for the General Prizes.


Rules for Formula 1 (Rat Race)

1.1. All the general rules apply

1.2. Rats must follow the straight white line down the centre of the course

1.3. Rats jumping the start will be disqualified from the run

1.4. Rats falling off the edge of the course will be disqualified and the other mouse declared the winner of the run

1.5. Rats hitting the end wall will be penalised 5 seconds

Track details - See Figure 2

Figure 2

Overall, each lane on the track is 7.2 metres long by 0.4 metres wide. The lane surface will be painted matte black. A 50 mm wide white tape is laid up in the middle of the lane. The start box occupies the first 375mm of the track with the start line being defined by 50 mm wide strips of white tape. The track will be laid as flat as possible, but Rats should be able to cope with a step of up to 3 mm across the track where the boards are joined, and be able to cope with white lines of up to 3 layers of masking tape.

A start beam will detect jump-starts. The start beam will be aligned with the edge of the start line.

The finish line is defined by 50 mm wide strips of white tape. The finish line timing beam will be aligned with the edge of this line.

The braking area comprises the final 1.2 m of the track. A block of polystyrene foam will be placed at the end of the braking area. If the foam is displaced by a braking Rat, the 5 second penalty will apply. A catch net will be provided behind the polystyrene to arrest out-of-control Rats, but some Rat damage may occur.

 A 300 mm high start and finish gantry will straddle the track at the start and finish lines.

There will be a gap of at least 375mm between the edges of the two lanes. Any mouse touching any part of the other lane will be disqualified.

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