Duncan Louttit wrote:

It just occurred to me that the rules don't limit the use of the end gantry. If the mouse has a hook at the right level to grab hold of the gantry, it could stop by lifting itself clear of the track and rotating around the gantry. If the mouse is very light (say DIM running along the left side wall) the forces involved could be quite small. Is this a legal technique?

Chris Walker wrote:

There is a risk of heavy, fast mice causing catastrophic damage if they are allowed to chuck an anchor around the finish gantry! Verminator performing the feat Duncan mentioned would probably break the gantry.

I think that use of the gantry should be limited to a 'light' touch - perhaps introduce a rule along the lines of the 'not likely to damage the walls' rule in the main MM competition. Also, in the spirit of the competition, I think that Rats should make a braking attempt - perhaps this needs specifying?

Also, should we dispose of the Start gantry? What useful function does/could it serve, other than aesthetics?