Wall follower rules 2002

1. The Maze

A full description of the course and how to make it is given here.

a) The dimensions of the maze shall be accurate to within 5mm. Assembly joints on the maze floor shall not involve steps of greater than 3 mm. The change of slope at an assembly joint shall not be greater than 4 degrees. Gaps between the walls of adjacent squares shall not be greater than 3 mm.

b) A timing sensor will be placed at a convenient point on the circuit at the judges discretion, typically across the gap between parts "A" and "E".

2. The Mice

a). The method of wall sensing is at the discretion of the builder; however, the mouse must not exert a force on any wall likely to cause damage.

b) If the judges consider that a mouse has a high risk of damaging or sullying the maze they will not permit it to run. Nothing may be deposited in the maze. The mouse must negotiate the maze; it must not jump over, climb, scratch, damage or destroy the walls of the maze.

c) Mice must traverse the course in an anti-clockwise direction viewed from above. (left-hand wall follower)


3. The Competition

 a) The time taken to travel one complete lap from the sensor position is called the lap time. The lowest legal lap time determines the winner. Falling off the edge of the course disqualifies that lap. The judges may require a mouse to complete more than one lap if there is a doubt about its wall-following capability.

b) Each mouse is allowed a maximum of 4 minutes to perform. This may have to be reduced to 2 minutes if there are many good mice. The judges have the discretion to request a mouse to retire early if by its lack of progress it has become boring, or if by erratic behaviour it is endangering the state of the maze. Each mouse is allowed one visit to the maze but the judges may exercise their discretion to allow more visits.

c) If no successful run has been made, the judge will make a qualitative assessment of the mouse's performance, based on distance achieved, 'purposefulness' versus random behaviour and quality of control.


4. Prizes

Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Wall followers are eligible for the General Prizes.

Last changed 27/12/01