Micromouse events for 2001

2001 may be the busiest micromouse year for some time. In March there will be the first Micromouse weekend conference. This takes place at Royal Holloway College on 31st March and 1st April. There will be presentations from famous mouse builders (Dave Otten should be describing his sensor system), opportunities to race and the chance to ask experts for advice. It costs just GBP50.00 for the two days including accommodation. I shall be there with a lot of mice. I hope to describe a motor control system similar to that used so successfully in THRUST. Contact Adrian Johnstone for details


There will be a schools competition at Manchester Metropolitan University on Saturday 16th June. Contact the organiser, Jerry Niman, for details. There is talk of regional events in Essex, Bolton, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Torquay.


The national competition will take place at Royal Holloway College on 2nd June. All maze runners including wall-followers will be welcome. Contact Adrian Johnstone for the latest details.


Watch out for Techno Games 2001 on BBC2 in March. They should have about 6 minutes of a maze competition that was run especially for them. There are both wall-followers and maze solvers represented. I didn't win anything (shame!).


Duncan Louttit 8/3/01

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