Our robots are manufactured under a sophisticated quality control system. Unfortunately things do sometimes go wrong or get broken so we have a system for managing repairs.

If a robot fails within 12 months of purchase it is covered by the guarantee and will be replaced or repaired free of charge. If you have a guarantee claim, please phone us on 01494 813471 to get a returns number.

If it fails after that you will need a fixed-price repair. Prices are shown here. We will repair any of our robots however old it is.

Whether you are sending the robot back under guarantee or not please make sure that you do these things:-

1) Turn the robot OFF. Put a small piece of tape across the switch so that it cannot be turned on in the post. (Postmen don't like parcels that warble!)

2) Send us the charger as well as the robot. Some faults are in the charger.

3) Make sure that there is a document (guarantee form, order form, letter) with your NAME, ADRESS and PHONE NUMBER on it.

Follow this link to find the address to send the robot to.

 Here are some things you should check before sending a robot to us. These could save you some time and money.

1) Are you using the correct charger? If it doesn't have "SWALLOW SYSTEMS" on it, you shouldn't be using it.

2) Have you charged it up?

3) Was it turned OFF when you charged it? On older unmarked PIPs, this is towards the charger socket. On PIXIEs this is the "0" pressed in.

4) For a PIP, if it has been stored with a flat battery, charge it for at least 24 hours even if the charging light flashed on and off rapidly when you first put it on charge.

5) Have you changed the movement and turn units? Sometimes, mostly with PIP, one user changes the movement units without telling the others. "Forwards 10" might then move over 2 metres and cause a lot of confusion. For PIP, look at advanced features to see how to reset the units.

6) Sometimes a PIXIE button can get stuck down. You may be able to resolve the problem by "jiggling it a bit".

Date Last Modified: 26/5/06