I was at a exhibition this year next to Puppets by Post. They have ranges of small finger puppets that seemed worth trying with PIXIE and PIP

The puppets have a hole in the base so that they can sit on a finger. We wanted to find a way of fitting them to the robot that did not raise too many eyebrows, so we tried Velcro. Velco is available as self-adhesive squares of both the hook type and the loop type. All we did was to take two of the hook squares and stick them back to back with an elastic band between them. Each puppet has a square of loop Velcro stuck to its base. The elastic band goes round the robot (PIP or PIXIE) with the Velcro at the top. You can then rapidly attach any of the puppets to it.

There are several ranges of these small puppets. I like the European wildlife set, but there are a large number of sets including story-telling ones. Contact Puppets by Post for details.

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Date Last Modified: 24/12/03