For a long time I have looked for a way to add pouches to the back of a PIXIE Grid so that a custom microworld could be made more easily. Eventually we came up with PIXIE Pouches as a good solution. It is supplied with a PIXIE Grid as four "peel and stick" sheets to stick onto the back of the grid.

The first thing we tried as an application used the free carrier bag that was given away as part of the "five a day" campaign. This had pictures of fruit etc. at suitable sizes. I also surfed the web to find good pictures of Cadbury's Creme Eggs, chips and pizza. I also found a head to put on PIXIE using the pockets. This worked very well with plenty of opportunity to talk about good diet choices.

When we later wanted something very quick for an exhibition as the other one was on loan, Sue spent five minutes with an RSPB catalogue with excellent results.

When I came to do the write up on the pouches, I obviously had to go through all the steps to check that it all worked. I decided to copy Andrew Trythall's space idea to see how easy it was. (You can find his version, with a video of the children using it at http://www.hitchams.suffolk.sch.uk/foundation/pixie/index.htm.)

The planets etc. came from Google Images. I think a lot of them are from NASA. The spaceship itself is Space Ship 1, a real space ship and winner of the X prize. Again the pictures came via Google Images. As you can see in the picture the PIXIE Pockets work very well with the pouches. The whole set up took me less than one hour to put together from concept to completion.

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