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 Downloading blank PIXIE cover

The blank cover is suitable for use in PAINT under Windows. You can either just grab the picture for a GIF version, download a zipped version (this will take least time but you will need to be able to unzip it), or, if you are uncertain how to use these, get the BMP version and use it directly in PAINT.

If you use PAINT make sure that you set the margins on the printer to 10 mm so that you can print out the full width otherwise it will not fit onto an A4 sheet.

Once you have the drawing you can add whatever features you want to make your cover. Children can just colour it in, but you may make it as complicated as you like.

You don't have to use PAINT. If your favourite drawing package can take BMP or GIF files you can read it into that. This may make it possible for you to add clip art and make a really good cover.

The drawing has a line marked on it that should be 10 centimetres long. This is in case your system does not preserve the accurate size of the cover. You can use its rescaling capabilities to make the cover the correct size.

If you are proud of the covers that you make, please email them to me (preferably in zipped form) and I will publish them on this page for everyone else to use.

Download zipped file

BMP file

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