PIXIE is approximately 110 mm long, approximately 94mm wide and approximately 65mm high. It weighs about 500 grams.

It travels at about 11 centimetres per second, so it carries out typical programs in about 8 seconds.

It is not very accurate. Tasks should be designed with an error of plus or minus 5 degrees in mind.

PIXIE has non-volatile memory. It remembers programs even when off. You do not lose your program at the end of the session.

PIXIE has a built-in rechargeable battery. It comes with a UK specification mains adaptor for charging. We can supply european style mains adaptors to special order.

PIXIE is pre-set to move in units of its own length and turn in units of a right angle. These units can be changed to multiples of a centimetre for movement and multiples of 5 degrees for turn. Changing the units can only be done after entering a password while PIXIE is on charge. Once changed the units are fixed until they are changed again. You do not have to re-enter the unit sizes before each session.

Keypresses give a sound cue and also flash the light on the top of PIXIE. The flash makes PIXIE accessible to the profoundly deaf. During program run, the light flashes once for each unit of movement, turn or delay. It also "clicks" for each unit. This gives a one to one correspondence between the flashes and sounds during programming and those during a run.

The Go key makes PIXIE execute its program. Whilst running, any key acts as an instant stop, "panic", button. PIXIE is never out of your control.

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