PIXIE Turning Game









This is a simple game for PIXIE, which can be used in a small space with simple printed resources. The resource sheet should be downloaded and imported into software that can adjust the size for printing. It should be printed out on A3 paper at a size where the PIXIE square is 11 centimetres on a side. The cross area should be cut off along the dotted line. This is where PIXIE will run. The other pieces should be cut out as needed. If you want the resources to last well, I recommend that you laminate them before use.

click on the picture for a large jpg version of the resource

The activity is to start with PIXIE in the square and lined up with its edges. Select a set of tokens, e.g. "first", "second", "third" and "fourth". Put one of each token at random in the 4 rectangles next to PIXIE. The child should program PIXIE to turn to face "first". The "first" token can then be put on top of PIXIE and the child can then program PIXIE to face "second". Carry on until all tokens have been collected and then start again.

typical starting position

You can use this activity with any tokens where the order is important. Simple numbers are obvious. Different size tokens can be collected in order of size. The other one on the sheet is the sequence for making a sandwich. You might like to make token sequences for getting dressed or planting a garden.

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