If you have a PIXIE and PIXIE Pouches it is very easy to make a golf activity. All you need is a suitable picture for the tee and pictures for holes and obstacles such as trees.

 The pictures go into suitable pouches. The arrangement shown is quite good.

The activity is simply to program PIXIE to go from the tee to the hole. Note that PIXIE must start off lined up with the arrows in the tee box.

The score for each hole is the number of actions that PIXIE does to get to the hole. Thus the 1 hole in the picture is just a forward move. The 2 hole has a turn and a move. The 3 hole has a move, a turn and a move. The 4 hole can only be achieved with a turn a move a turn and a move. If PIXIE has to move a second time because the program was wrong, add the score from the second move onto the score for the first move.

The resources that I used are: tee, tree, hole. Right click on the link and "save as" to get the images into your computer. Once you have them in the computer use Word or something that can resize the images to suit and make them 9cm square. Print out onto thin card for as many copies as needed, cut to size and slide into the pouches as needed.

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