Balloon busting

This is an idea we have used with PIP in the past, but I wanted to try it with PIPPIN on a table rather than on the floor. My table for this is about 1200millimetres square and has a built-up edge to keep the robot from diving off the edge. Taping some metre rules around the edge of your table will give the same effect.

The balloons are taped to the table using masking tape. There is also a start box for PIPPIN marked out with masking tape. The students have a ruler and protractor for measuring the moves needed. Our protractor cover can also be useful for this.

PIPPIN has our blank cover dropped over it. This is modified by pushing three needlework pins through the top front; one in the middle and one at each front corner pointing out at 45 degrees.

The task in our case was to burst ONLY the orange balloon.

Date Last Modified: 2/1/2007 

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