Like all our robots, PIPPIN is a rectangular black box. So, like all our robots, we have designed a card cover to fit over it for decorative or "personality" purposes.

The cover can be used to make any personality for PIPPIN by drawing on it or adding pictures (but note the use of magnets to hold pictures onto PIPPIN's steel casing). There is a blank cover in full-size, jpeg form that you can download for customising. Simply open it with a suitable drawing package and away you go! The easiest way to print it out is to bring it into Word or a DTP package, adjust the 100mm lines to be 100mm long (Word has rulers to help with this). Make sure that you get the sizing by changing just the size, not the shape, and then print it out.

The file is here. Right click and "save target as" and choose where to save the file.

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