Formula 3

Mice are required to follow a simple rectangular track laid out in 50 mm wide white tape on a black background. This is a speed event; the winner will be the mouse that completes a lap in the shortest time.


Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Formula 3 Mice are eligible for the General Prizes.

Rules for Formula 3

3.1. All the general rules apply

3.2. Clockwise or anti-clockwise laps are permissible

3.3. Mice must not cut corners or deviate far from the course on corners. The judges may put obstacles such as cotton reels with their inside edges no less than 13 centimetres from the edge of the line (inside and outside the course) at points that they choose. If a mouse moves one of the obstacles, that lap cannot be used for scoring.

3.4. Each mouse will be limited to either 10 laps or a total of 3 minutes to record its fastest lap

3.5. Mice may be removed from the track for adjustment within their 3 minutes of track time

Track details - See Figure 4

The circuit will be a rectangular track of 9 cells x 3 cells laid out on the standard Micromouse 180 mm square cell layout. The track will be laid as flat as possible but mice should be able to cope with a step of up to 3 mm across the track where boards are joined.

The path to be followed will be made up of 50 mm wide adhesive white tape (standard masking tape will suffice but up to 3 layers may be required and mice must be able to cope with this thickness of tape)

The tape will be laid out as a continuous loop with no tape overlap at the corners so that the tape is of uniform thickness throughout.

Inward facing 50 mm tape strips at least one cell long will be laid at 90 degrees to the circuit path at each unit cell boundary. These are distance markings and may be used by 'intelligent' mice to determine their position

The tape will be laid out to within + or - 2 mm tolerance on the 180 mm unit square grid.

The start / finish line sensor will be placed at the mid-point of one of the long edges of the circuit.

IMPORTANT - See the Formula 2 note abut track surface !


Figure 4 - Track Layout for Formula 3

Last changed 27/12/01