There are some circumstances where PIXIE will make noises when you haven't pressed a button.

PIXIE will grumble and flash its light to remind you that it is switched on. This happens every three minutes if you haven't pressed any buttons. After two reminders PIXIE turns itself off.

Remember that you don't have to leave PIXIE on to keep a program. It is perfectly all right to switch it off for a couple of minutes to keep it quiet while you do something else.

When PIXIE is turned on it sings and flashes its light at you.

When PIXIE stops in the middle of a program, either because you stop it by pressing a button, or because it has run into something it cannot push out of the way, PIXIE will grumble.

When PIXIE's battery is flat it will grumble and turn itself off.

Date Last Modified: 20/5/05