When PIXIE will not work

Is PIXIE turned on?

If nothing at all happens when you turn PIXIE on. . . . .

1. Is the battery flat?

If the light and beeper work but PIXIE does not move properly. . . .

1. Is PIXIE struggling with a thick carpet?

2. Is the battery flat?

3. Is there fluff, Blu-Tack or something caught-up under PIXIE?

If the movements are wrong. . . .

1. Have you, or someone else, changed the movement units?

2. Is the surface slippery, uneven or soft?

3. Have you changed the calibration?

If all else fails, telephone us on 01494 813471 and we will advise on the problem. If PIXIE needs to come back for repair under guarantee, we will issue a returns number. After the guarantee period, you should contact us as we have a fixed-price repair scheme that will repair any of our robots. It almost never makes sense to scrap a Swallow Systems robot.

Date Last Modified: 20/5/05