Go is the button that tells PIXIE to start its program. PIXIE will beep and flash when you press the button but it will not start to move until you release it. When PIXIE has finished running the program it will stop and sing. If there is no program PIXIE will sing anyway.

You can stop PIXIE straight away at any time by pressing any button. To remind you that is has not finished the program, PIXIE will grumble.

If PIXIE runs into something it cannot move, it will stop and grumble.

If PIXIE is off, it will turn on when you press Go.

If you hold Go down for more than four seconds, PIXIE will grumble and turn itself off.

PIXIE can remember programs even if it has been turned off. If you press Go after you turn PIXIE on, it will run the last program it was given.

Date Last Modified: 20/5/05