Description of PIXIE

PIXIE is a black box with a silver top. There are wheels underneath and some buttons and two lights on top. There is a socket at one end.

PIXIE will not do anything until you turn it on. To turn PIXIE on, press Go. To turn PIXIE off, press Go and hold it for at least four seconds. When PIXIE is on, the yellow light is on. When you turn PIXIE on it sings. When you turn it off it grumbles.

PIXIE is a small robot that does what you tell it. This is called programming PIXIE.

By pressing the buttons you can make PIXIE:










PIXIE has built-in rechargeable batteries. After you use it you should charge it up. PIXIE will get tired if you use it for a long time without recharging it. The charger plugs into the socket at the end. When the batteries are flat, PIXIE will stop what it is doing grumble, and turn itself off.

PIXIE can only push a little bit. If it bumps into something that it cannot move, it will stop its program and grumble.

Date Last Modified: 20/5/05