PIXIE’s battery

PIXIE has a battery inside to hold the energy to make PIXIE move. It is rechargeable so PIXIE can be refilled with energy over and over again.

PIXIE has a special charger for the battery. This plugs into the socket at the end of PIXIE and also into the mains electricity socket.

ONLY USE THE CHARGER THAT COMES WITH PIXIE. You can damage PIXIE and the charger if you try to use another type. If it doesn't have "SWALLOW SYSTEMS" written on it, don't use it!

You should turn PIXIE off, plug the charger in and turn the mains on. PIXIE will sing, give an extra couple of notes and turn its green light on. When it is fully charged, the green light will go off. This normally takes 14 hours. Do not turn the mains off or unplug the charger during this time as this starts a fresh 14 hour charge. You can leave PIXIE charging indefinitely. You do not have to take it off charge when the light goes off. Unplug the charger from the wall when it is not charging PIXIE.

You should charge PIXIE up before storing it. You may want to charge it up again before you use it if it has been stored for a long time. You should charge PIXIE up after you have used it. Do not wait until PIXIE stops working before charging it up.

When PIXIE’s battery is flat, PIXIE will grumble and turn itself off. If this happens, charge it up.

When PIXIE is on charge you can change the size of its units or change its calibration. See “Advanced Features” to find out about this. As it may be possible for children to accidentally change the calibration and unit size during charging, it is best if charging is done only by adults. These features are password protected but children may discover the trick.

Date Last Modified: 20/5/05