Advanced features

PIPPIN has extra features that are accessed when it is on charge. These features are protected by password so that you cannot accidentally use them.

PIPPIN can remember programs when it is turned off. It can also permanently remember how far to go, turn or pause for each unit.

To change the unit sizes, put PIPPIN on charge and then this password:-


PIPPIN will sing at you and you can then change the movement, turn and pause units.

Changing movement units

Enter and then how many millimetres PIPPIN should move for or .

Changing turn units

Enter and then how many degrees that PIPPIN should turn for or .

Changing pause units

Enter and then how many tenths of seconds that PIPPIN should pause for .

Resetting to the default units

Enter and PIPPIN will reset to the default units of one centimetre, one degree and one tenth of a second.

Leaving this facility

Enter . PIPPIN will beep three times and return to normal charging.

Limits of adjustment

You can set any of the units in the range 1-999.