Description of PIPPIN

PIPPIN looks like a black box with a keypad on top. There are wheels underneath, a green lights and a hole on the top and a switch on one side.

In fact PIPPIN is a small robot and you can tell it to do things. This is called programming PIPPIN.

By pressing the keys on the keypad, you can make PIPPIN:









play a





FLASH the lights

If you give it the right commands, PIPPIN can be like a bus to carry play people around. It can play tunes, or it can be like an alarm clock. There are many things that you can make PIPPIN do.

PIPPIN has built-in rechargeable batteries. After you use it you should charge it up. PIPPIN will get tired if you use it for a long time without recharging it. The charger plugs into the socket at the end.

"After a hard day's work

I get a little slow.

So don't forget to recharge me

Or I might refuse to go."

PIPPIN can only push a little bit. If it bumps into something it cannot move, it will stop its program and grumble.