Using magnets with PIPPIN

PIPPIN's case is made of steel. This has the advantage that magnets can be used to attach things to it. Fridge magnets are good.

You can get fridge magnets in lots of places and they are available in many different types. My favourite is the Wallace and Gromit sidecar.

Fridge magnet letters are also interesting but I haven't yet worked out a good application for them.

Magnetic printer paper is available but I have had problems with one printer. The paper seems too thick and caused jams. One of our printers can print on it however, so it may be a good bet for some. I used it for printing the characters for "crossing the swamp" with excellent results.

Much less wasteful is to use self-adhesive magnetic sheet and peel and stick this to the back of your printout when you are satisfied with it. In either case, a Google search will find suitable suppliers.

The ultimate in low-cost simplicity is to take the magnetic strip from round the door of a scrap fridge or freezer and use this, or any magnet, to hold your picture in place. 

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