Programming PIP

 PIP is a very simple computer. It can only do things after you have told it what to do.

You enter a list of things you want PIP to do and then tell PIP to . PIP will do the things in order until it reaches the end of the list.

The list of things for PIP to do is called a program and is like a recipe in cooking. The program or recipe for a tune is a list of musical notes for PIP to make. The program for a dance is a list of movements and turns for PIP to do.

You tell PIP what to do by pressing keys on the keypad. There is a key for every command that PIP can be given.

The keypad

Whenever you press a key, there will be a sound.

* If you press a key that PIP understands you will hear a beep and PIP will flash its light.

* If you press a key that PIP does not understand it will grumble.

* If PIP is stopped in the middle of a program, it will grumble.

* When you press or and your program has run successfully, PIP will sing to you.

Ten keys have numbers. These keys are used to tell PIP how far to move or turn, how long to wait or how many times to flash the light or repeat. The number keys also have the names of musical notes on them and tell PIP which note to play. These beep with the pitch of the note.

There is a key to tell PIP to run:-

There is a test key:-

There are three keys to control PIP's memory:- , , .

There are nine keys to tell PIP what to do:-









END of repeat