Controlling PIP's memory

There are three keys for telling PIP to forget instructions and to remember them. PIP will remember things even when turned off, so don't forget that there may be a program inside when you turn it on.


stands for Clear Memory. This key will make PIP forget all the instructions in its program. When you press , PIP will forget everything you have told it.


stands for Clear Entry. If you make a mistake in entering a program, you can rub it out with . tells PIP to forget the last command (white key) together with any numbers that go with it. If you make a mistake putting a number in you will have to re-enter the command as well as the number.

Every time you press , PIP will forget the last command in its program. If you press often enough PIP will forget everything.

You can tell what is the last instruction in PIP's memory by pressing .

If you press when PIP has nothing in its memory, PIP will grumble at you.


stands for Restore Memory. Sometimes you might press or by mistake and can help you recover your work. will restore PIP's program to the last complete program it had. If you have entered an instruction after rubbing something out, PIP cannot restore the old program.