Forwards and backwards

The and keys are used to tell PIP to move forwards or backwards. After you press these you must press some numbers to tell PIP how far to go. Usually the number you give will be the number of centimetres PIP will go (see advanced features).

Try this little program:-

PIP will move forwards 10 centimetres and then sing.

You can make the program longer by pressing:-

PIP will do the old commands and then the new ones. It will move forwards 10 centimetres, then backwards 10 centimetres. If all is well it will then sing.

The numbers you give PIP for distances can be as much as 999. If you try to enter the number 0, PIP will grumble.


The and keys tell PIP to turn left or right (anticlockwise or clockwise). After you press these you must enter a number to tell PIP how far to turn. Usually the number will be the number of degrees PIP will turn (see advanced features). 360 degrees make a complete circle.

You can make PIP go anywhere using the turn, forwards and backwards arrows. This program will make PIP follow a square path:-