It can be very useful to have a program loaded in whenever the PIP simulator starts. For example, you might have a couple of useful functions that you want to use in a lot of programs. I have "star" and "square" functions that I like to have loaded whenever I start the simulator.

What you do is create the program that you want to have loaded automatically. Usually the main program is blank and one or both of the functions are programmed. Check out that everything is correct. You can write a test program for the functions and then clear it using .

Change "program name" to "defaults". Change "my name" to "defaults". Save the program to the directory offered. The simulator will make a defaults directory if it doesn't already exist and save the file in it as "defaults".

Whenever the PIP simulator is run, it looks for this file and, if it is present, it loads it (except the names). Once you have saved the defaults file these functions are available to you every time you enter the program. You can save a blank file if you want to get rid of the default functions or you can erase the file in the defaults directory using the operating system.

 Date Last Modified: 12/9/01