1999 Micromouse National Finals

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There are rumours that the adult 3D competitions will be scrapped by the I.E.E. after this year. Many will be very sad if this competition dies.


Follow this link to keep up with the situation and add your comments.

The 1999 national finals took place at Exeter University on 10th July. Many thanks to the University and the Institution of Electrical Engineers for organising the event.

Bouquets and Brickbats

Triumphs and Disasters

 There are 5 main types of competition. Follow the links for details of each one.

If you have any technical information about your mouse, please email it to me. Any photos would be good as well. This site is only interesting because of the information on it, please help all the other teams to find out how you did it! mailto:tech@swallow.co.uk

A selection of pictures






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